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RV Roundtable provides resources in one easy location for the RV owner, buyer or seller. Campground reservations, maps of the closest RV dump stations and fueling stations with prices and reviews.  Get educated on how RV’s work.  From air conditioners to awnings, how to drive your RV or how to park it, we have fun and informative videos to help you through the steps.  Need to know RV floor plans, weights, dimensions, capacities, and more….. RV Round Table has over 4000 manufacturers brochures available for free download.  Not sure how much weight your truck or auto is rated to tow? Look up Trailer Life’s tow rating guides to get your answers.  Check out our interest boards for recipes, checklists, tips and tricks.  You can download these to help simplify your next RV vacation or outing.

With over 30 years of RV experience, Kevin Johnson and his family are excited to share with you helpful information to make your RV Adventure simple.  From researching to owning  – buying to selling, RV Roundtable is a place to gather around and share and learn.  We hope you enjoy the Adventure and would love to hear from you.

Our Team

 Kevin & Camilla Johnson

My wife and I have been married for 20 years. We both feel fortunate that we can truly call each other “best friends”. We have had so many great adventures in life and are excited about our future. We have so many great memories with our family and friends. From traveling to new areas, camping and spending time around the fire roasting marsh mellows with the kids, hiking, fishing, sight seeing, sand railing, off road 4 wheeling, wine tasting, golf outings, concerts, tailgating and the list goes on. We hope to share our knowledge and love of the RV lifestyle with you and are so excited for you to meet the rest of our team…… our children, who we must say…. we think are great!!