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    Are diesel pushers efficient enough in gas mileage to justify buying one over buying a gas-using RV? Anything else folks can think of that I may want to consider? My husband and I are starting to research and would love opinions on this.

    Mary Cichon



    Mary: I haven’t done the math, but I suspect that it would be difficult to justify a diesel pusher based only on gas mileage. We were led down the DP path because of the longevity of the units, the fact that they have [typically] nicer features than a gasser (we bought a “previously adventured” unit — some of the new gassers are pretty nice, I hear), and the fact that we wanted a rear-engine (quieter — you can actually have a conversation with your spouse while gutting it up and over Vail Pass). BUT MOST OF ALL, we wanted the ability to carry a lot of gear. Most gassers won’t give you a lot of CCC (even though they have space for it) and we knew that we wanted to fill up all of those basement compartments with kayaks, bikes, backpacks, and all kinds of related gear. In short, the best feature of a DP to us has been how much weight it can carry and tow. \ken



    Wow…great feedback and really useful! Thanks Bumps! I never thought about the quietness and definitely didn’t know about the capacity thought here. Thanks for the reply and we really appreciate it!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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