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    This contest came to my attention only six hours before it closed. In any other week I would have seen it earlier, but online paper writing service and Twitter proved too distracting most of the time. It was only though luck that I caught Brian Clark‘s tweet about the Copyblogger essay contest.

    It’s a little surprising that I actually finished in time. The contest called for an essay of 250 words, and as Blaise Pascal famously said, “I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter. I didn’t have time to write you a short one.” Paring down a big idea, especially one as general as “Why It’s Essential to Be an Authority Online,” can take quite some time. But six hours, including a gym trip, later, I thought I had something worth submitting.

    Tomorrow I find out where exactly I placed. At this point it doesn’t really matter. Finishing top five out of more than 270 entrants is pretty damn satisfying in itself, especially given Copyblogger’s readership and discerning eye for content.

    Content marketing continues to be one of the rising stars of the online marketing world. But is it always being done expertly? Are you getting the most from your content marketing?

    There’s a huge amount of literature about content creation, curation and marketing, so to filter through the noise I asked Chad Pollitt, Director of Inbound Marketing at Kuno Creative, to go over the best practices.

    Chad is not only an internet marketing expert but also a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a US Army National Guard Commander, author of The Content Marketing Manifesto and a keynote speaker.

    The simplest way to define the two while juxtaposing their definitions is with the graphic below. Essentially, inbound marketing can be called pull marketing or earned media.

    So rather than interrupting people with marketing messages (i.e. TV commercials, direct mail, billboards, some email, banner ads, etc.), inbound marketers increase the likelihood of people finding their messages by publishing good problem-solving content.

    InboundMarketing_PyramidThe content is found via SEO, social media and other free channels.

    It’s much more efficient than outbound methods because most of the time the marketer is only delivering content to the people who truly need and/or want it in order to solve a problem. According to HubSpot, cost per lead for inbound marketing campaigns is 62% less than outbound leads. Content marketing is the fuel that drives the inbound process because delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable content to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action.