When looking to buy an RV, you don’t have to buy a brand new one. Depending on your own personal and financial situation, purchasing a used RV may be the best choice for you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That doesn’t mean you should settle for a used RV that has problems and is more trouble than it’s worth. Even when buying a used RV, there are a lot of questions that you should ask.

Ask The RV Seller These Questions

Wondering what to ask when buying a used RV? Don’t worry, we made that simple for you. Here are 12 questions you can ask a seller when you are looking at buying a used RV:

12 Common Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used RV
  1. Previous owners – knowing how many previous owners that an RV has had can give you an idea of how it was treated. Or, if there has only been one owner, then they should have current maintenance records so you know what all has been done with the RV.
  2. Why are they selling? – just like buying an RV is an important decision, so is selling an RV. It’s perfectly fine to ask why someone might be selling an RV in case they’re trying to sell an RV that needs a few too many repairs.
  3. Documentation – hopefully the seller has all of the original documentation for the RV like the brochure. However, if an RV has had a few owners then these documents may not be available with the sale. Luckily, RV Roundtable has a huge database of thousands of RV brochures.
  4. Storage and Winterization – knowing how an RV was stored can give you insight into its condition. Did the previous owner leave it outside, as is, all throughout the winter months? This could have a negative impact on the tires, the RV battery, and other components.
  5. Extras – most people love getting more stuff with their purchase. Ask if the RV you are looking at has any additional equipment or features that come with it.
  6. Test Drive – just like cars, most sellers should allow for a short test drive so you know how the RV drives.
  7. Inspection – not only is it okay to ask for an inspection, you should ask for it. If a seller can’t provide you with any inspection information then you should probably just walk away.
  8. Pets – it’s pretty common for people in the RV lifestyle to travel with pets. While they are some of the greatest companions, they also don’t mind leaving messes behind. Sometimes they scratch and mess with furniture and other surfaces. You should ask if a previous owner had pets so you can look closer for damage.
  9. How the RV was used – you can also ask how the RV was used during its adventures. This can also tell you what it was and was not good at while on the road.
  10. Fair Pricing – Nada Guides is like the Kelley Blue Book of RVs. This will give you a good idea of what RVs are being sold for near you to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.
  11. Major repairs – ask if there have been any major repairs. RVs tend to need the roof repaired as it is the main protection from the elements. If it’s been repaired before, check the roof to make sure the repair was done at a high quality.
  12. Financing – not everyone has a briefcase of cash to drop on an RV, new or used. Ask the seller if there are any financing options available and what they entail.

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