RV life provides more space than a tent, but more space doesn’t necessarily mean more room for all the activities you want to enjoy in your downtime. After driving for long periods of time RVers are usually ready to get out for a breath of fresh air and maybe enjoy some exercise after being cooped up. So what can you do for fun while you’re living on the road? 

Calm And Relaxing Activities

RVing is a great means of travel to get you from place to place while experiencing different scenery, experiences and cultures. But sometimes the best way to enjoy your vacation is to take the activity level down and enjoy some quieter activities. Bringing along books, magazines, coloring books (for adults and kids!) and craft items such as knitting or sewing are all great ways to provide some relaxing options to pass time and enjoy your journey wherever you are and can be done on your own or with the company of others.

If you’re looking for entertainment that can provide fun at any time of day, here are some games you can pack along to keep you busy and provide easy-going recreation during your trip: 

  • Puzzles
  • Chess and checkers
  • Monopoly and other similar board games
  • Mancala 
  • Yahtzee and Farkle
  • Cards for multi-person card games

One of the best things about these games is that you can get the whole family in on the fun! Keep in mind that if you’re traveling with small children, little pieces should be monitored as they can easily be swallowed or lost.

Great Activities To Do While RV Camping

Sporty And Energetic Activities

If you’re craving some adventure and exercise in your day, there are no shortages of fun ideas to incorporate, even when traveling by RV. Where you are traveling may provide options for outdoor activities that are more physically stimulating, so be sure to do some research before you reach your destination. You might be able to find a lake that offers great opportunities for kayaking and canoeing, hiking trails and even some guided activities any age can enjoy.

Whether you’re in the desert area of the southwest or checking out a crisp fall in the northeast, you can find endless amounts of outdoor exploring to do, right outside your door! It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to keep an exercise routine going while you’re on the road or just want some activity to break up time spent traveling, you can easily find areas to hike back. Packing along a soccer ball, football, volleyball, basketball and other sports equipment is an easy way to pack in some fun for a group without taking up too much space. You might be able to find a campground that has courts or fields for these activities, but if not you can always throw together a game right outside your campsite. Be sure to pack shirts, pants or shorts, shoes and hats that will keep you protected from the elements and are conducive to physical exercise.

Exploration And Sightseeing

Physical exploration is a great way to spend time getting to know new surroundings and spending time on the road is the perfect way to check out new places as you go. Searching for inspiration on the internet has never been easier and you are sure to find great ideas and clues about any area you choose to go to. Any city, no matter how big or how small, has attributes that make it unique. Doing some research before you reach your destination will allow you to make a list of must-sees so you can optimize your time in each new place.

Seeking out opportunities for guided or self-guided tours, finding out what the locals consider the “best” spots around and asking for recommendations on where to go and what to see are great ways to maximize your time spent traveling.

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