Looking to get into the RV lifestyle, but unsure of where to start? You likely found that it wasn’t as simple as going out and just buying an RV since there are many different types of RV’s. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses which change depending on your own personal preference and style. 

Don’t worry, though. Here at RV Roundtable we know just how much of an investment it is to buy an RV and so it’s important you get the RV that’s right for you. Below are the different types of RV’s with some information about them so you can make the best choice for you.

Class A RV

The Class A RV is actually the largest of the choices. Those large, almost bus-sized RVs that you see on the roads are all Class A. They will, of course, have the most amenities and tend to be quite luxurious. However, since they are also rather large (and long), they can be difficult to drive at first for the inexperienced driver. The Class A RV isn’t going to be as maneuverable as the smaller classes. And, of course, they will be more expensive.

Class B RV

This is the smallest RV, also known as a camper van, and will contain most of your basic amenities like the ability to cook food, a place to sleep, etc. If you’re a minimalist or you are looking for something basic to start with, this is the perfect RV for you. They are much cheaper than the Class A RV as well, so it’s easier to get into the RV lifestyle with one of these.

Class C RV

Now for the middle ground of the RV classes. These are larger than your Class B, but smaller than the Class A. Naturally, they’ll contain a lot more amenities than the Class B like a small bathroom. They may lack some of the more luxury amenities that can be obtained with a Class A RV, but they can definitely handle a lot more than the smaller Class B RVs. If you have the money to spend, then the Class C might be a better option for you than the Class B.

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The Fifth Wheel RV

This towable RV gets its name from its design. A Fifth Wheel attaches to another vehicle that is responsible for towing the RV which is usually a truck with decent towing capacity. Its name is derived from the fact that the front of the RV extends over the vehicle that it’s being towed by. The Fifth Wheel is, in almost all cases, the absolute largest of any RV. They will have the most amenities for the best luxurious RV adventures.

Travel Trailer RV

Smaller than the Fifth Wheel, the Travel Trailer RV still boasts great flexibility in comfort and design. This RV must be towed, but many can be pulled by an SUV. This makes them perfect for versatile trips and being able to camp out at just about any location.

Toy Hauler RV

The Toy Hauler is very similar to the Fifth Wheel and the Travel Trailer with one significant difference: they’re designed to haul some cargo. These typically have a door and ramp at the rear of the trailer where you could store other items (or “toys”) like bikes and other small outdoor vehicles. Or, you could use it as extra space for hauling various types of equipment and supplies for long trips. While this sacrifices some of your “living space”, there is still plenty of room for common RV amenities. 

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