The Lone Star State is host to numerous, diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna. There are gigantic woods, rolling plains, large hill countries, beautiful coasts, and even a desert. It is also host to many of the most beautiful State Parks in the country. If you wanted to visit every park in a State, Texas might take you a while with 95 official State Parks that are overseen by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Additionally, most State Parks are compatible with RV camping. In fact, you can book reservations online and even select an RV spot. While most of the parks have spots for RV’s, there are about 28 that have full RV hookups: electric, water, and sewer. Here’s a pick of 5 State Parks to visit in 2022 with your RV.


Tyler State Park – The Piney Woods

Head east to Tyler State Park located in the Piney Woods, a massive woodland that stretches all the way to Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Stare in awe of 100-foot tall pines while lounging on a serene, 64-acre lake nestled in the middle of the park. If hiking is more your thing, you can check out the trails spanning more than 13 miles. You can also enjoy boating, swimming, biking, geocaching, fishing, and bird watching. If you’d like to check out the area, you’re only a 20 minute drive from the rose capital of the US: Tyler.

Davis Mountains State Park – Big Bend Country

There is a strong misconception that Texas is flat. While it is true that there are many places that are flat, Texas is also host to its share of rolling hills and mountains. Head up to Big Bend Country to check out the Davis Mountains State Park for some of the most spectacular star-gazing anywhere. Along with some of the normal things to do like hiking and biking, you can also bring your own horse to ride on the trails. 

Lake Corpus Christi State Park – South Texas Plains

For some of the most unrivaled swimming available, head south to Lake Corpus Christi State Park. Here you can fish, go boating, and ride the waves on water skis. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for everyone’s water activities thanks to a massive 18,256-acre lake. Watch out for the gators, though.

Kickapoo Caverns State Park – Hill Country

Looking for a rather unique experience that doesn’t require water. Head to the Texas hill country at Kickapoo Caverns State Park. This park boasts 20 caves, one of which is the Kickapoo cavern. Ever wondered what over 4 million years of geology can do? This State Park is also great for bird watching thanks to the high number of bird species that migrate through the area. You can also catch some bat sightings.

Abilene State Park – The Panhandle Plains

For a great place to relax and unwind, roll into the Texas Panhandle and camp your RV at the Abilene State Park. Experience history by visiting the beautiful concession building that was built during the Great Depression. For RV groups, this place is perfect. There are two group recreation halls located in the park, and one of them is surrounded by 35 RV campsites. It’s the perfect place for your RV group to get together in one convenient place.

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