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Sell Your RV At The Leading Consignment Dealer: Your RV Broker

At some point, there will likely come a time when you need to sell your RV. But selling your RV isn’t as simple as a normal passenger vehicle. It’s not as easy to quickly trade in your RV for a new one, although it is possible.  The best way to sell your RV is through a reputable consignment dealer. Before you choose a dealer, look at their terms for the sale. Are you responsible for any fees for storage or maintenance? This will help you decide and calculate your costs of selling the RV and how much money you’ll [...]

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Expert Tips For The First Time RV Buyer

For many people, sleeping under the stars at night has great appeal. The natural sequence of waking up to a rising sun and then having hot coffee by a campfire is a great way to relax and get away from the hustle of everyday life. Doing all of this with an RV is so easy, convenient, and just downright fun. But you have never owned an RV. Maybe you haven’t even used one before or ridden in one. Thinking about all of the things you could do and places you could see, though, is incredibly appealing to you. So [...]

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Which Type Of RV Is Best For Me?

Looking to get into the RV lifestyle, but unsure of where to start? You likely found that it wasn’t as simple as going out and just buying an RV since there are many different types of RV’s. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses which change depending on your own personal preference and style.  Don’t worry, though. Here at RV Roundtable we know just how much of an investment it is to buy an RV and so it’s important you get the RV that’s right for you. Below are the different types of RV’s with some information about them [...]

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5 Texas State Parks With Full RV Hookups To Go RV Camping In 2022

The Lone Star State is host to numerous, diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna. There are gigantic woods, rolling plains, large hill countries, beautiful coasts, and even a desert. It is also host to many of the most beautiful State Parks in the country. If you wanted to visit every park in a State, Texas might take you a while with 95 official State Parks that are overseen by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Additionally, most State Parks are compatible with RV camping. In fact, you can book reservations online and even select an RV spot. While most of [...]

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How To Plan And Cook Your Meals In An RV

Having an RV opens hundreds of doors to explore the realm of travel and adventure. Whether staying within the city or parking at a beautiful campsite, using an RV for travel is so comfortable and convenient (and you don’t have to worry about thin hotel walls). But while your mode of travel and lodging is settled, there is another important bit to your travels: your meals. If you aren’t planning on eating at a restaurant two or three times a day (let’s face it…that will get expensive and fast), then you’ll need to have a plan for meals. When [...]

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How To Find And Use RV Dump Stations

Living the RV lifestyle is incredibly liberating for people, especially for those who spend the majority of their time in their RV. There are a few things that you get used to having a static home, however, that you no longer really have in an RV. One such luxury is plumbing and sewer. When you use the sink, toilet, or even the shower if your RV has one, the water used for these activities doesn’t go through a sewage system to make its way to the city’s water treatment plant. Instead, it’s stored in holding tanks on the RV [...]

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Why Broker Your RV?

Us roadies love to buy, sell, and trade our motorhomes as we get more experienced. Maybe you like a new style, maybe you want to go old school, or you’re just darned tired of your current RV. There are many choices you have when it comes to selling or trading your motorhome. I’m here to educate you on the pro’s of brokering. What is Brokering? Brokering, which can also be called consigning, your RV means someone else (a dealer) will help you sell your vehicle and they’ll take a small percentage of your sale as their [...]

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