Traveling and vacationing during the summer months are pretty popular, and it’s no different for RV travelers. Depending on where you are traveling, though, it can get pretty hot. Staying cool throughout the summer months is very important for being both inside and outside of your RV. 

Keeping cool during your summer RV travels is pretty easy. There are some inexpensive methods to keep both yourself and your RV at a cool temperature. Here are our tips for traveling during the summer months.

Using And Creating Shade

When you’re traveling during the summertime, shade is your best friend. Anytime you park your RV, either at a lot or at a campsite, prioritize spots that have shade. The shade will provide some protection from the extra light and heat from direct sunlight which makes it easier to keep your RV cool.

If the spot you’re parking doesn’t have shade, you can do a few things to help create shade. If your RV has awnings that you can put up, then you should definitely use those to create some shade. We also recommend keeping some large tarps with ties in your storage so you can put up a large area of shade.

RV Roundtable’s 7 Tips For Summer RV Travel

Make Sure To Plan Your Trip

A good plan is helpful for any RV trips during the summer. By planning out ahead of time where you’re going to go, you’ll be able to see beforehand what all is available. As explained previously, having shade is important. By knowing where you’ll be going and where you’ll be stopping, this’ll give you an idea of anything extra you should bring.

Cook Your Meals Outdoors

Another less common piece of advice: cook your meals outdoors. The inside of an RV is a lot more confined than the kitchen at your house. The heat generated from cooking meals inside of your RV, whether it’s on a stove or in an oven, can make it a lot harder to keep your RV cool.

Cooking outside keeps the heat outside. Plus, doing this outside allows grilling and smoking for the more adventurous cooks. This keeps your RV cooler and keeps various odors out, too.

Utilize Proper Airflow and Ventilation

Parking your RV in accordance with the wind and the breeze is also a good way to increase airflow for your RV. Open up your windows to get a nice breeze to flow through while using screens to keep out dirt, dust, bugs, and more. Not only does this help to keep the RV cool, but it keeps the air fresh as well. For some extra airflow, you can also get some portable fans to place in strategic spots.

Cover Windows When Not In Use

If it’s hot out and there isn’t much of a breeze, you might consider keeping the windows closed and covered. By using a reflective screen on windows, like the big ones people use for their windshields, you can keep out a lot of sunlight that generates heat. Just about any type of material for a cover will work, but the reflective insulated screens will work the best.

Maintain Your RV’s Air Conditioning

Always make sure that your air conditioning system is in good condition. Annual maintenance helps to make sure that nothing goes wrong and that the AC is optimal. Finding and fixing issues before you travel will prevent a lot of hassle (and headaches, sweating, etc). If you store your RV over the winter months, you should perform a decent inspection after pulling it out of storage for any issues that may arise.

Pack Summer Gear

Don’t forget to pack summertime essentials. First of all, make sure you will have plenty of access to fresh water to drink. When it gets hot it’s incredibly easy to become dehydrated. If you’re going to be in a place that gets a lot of sun in the summer, especially your southern and midwestern states, make sure to pack some sunscreen. Don’t let your summer RV trip get ruined by a sunburn.

You can also bring heat-related supplies. There are special cold rags you can bring to help keep you cool. Adding burn cream to your supplies for your trip is a good idea, too.

Get A Great Used RV To Travel In This Summer

Part of planning a great summer RV trip is having a great RV to do it in. Your RV Broker has a great selection of used RV’s available. They’re all inspected prior to being listed to ensure there are no issues. They are also OOOC licensed and able to provide financing, extended warranties, and more. Give them a call or view their inventory to get your summer RV.